Thursday, October 11, 2007

Photos (I took) of James Blunt live at the Highline Ballroom 9/20/07


Regina Caschetto said...

Dear Jenn-
Sorry to say that I don't know James Blunt but I love the pictures that you took-great as always-thanks for sharing-

Jenn Summitt said...

Hey thanks for commenting Regi, always a pleasure..if you get a chance try to listen to his songs they are very comforting ...he is a poet in his right!

tamara said...

awesome pictures! were you really so close to the stage or does your camera just have an amazing zoom? really great shots, love them to bits. :)

Jenn Summitt said...

Well yes and yes...LOL We were about 20 ft away from the stage and I have a 10x zoom on my camera!
thanks for commenting

val said...

It's as if you were right up on the stage next to him.

He's not for me (nothing more recent than The Beatles!) but I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

ann said...

I think he's great... I'm gonna
see him in January in London

Jenn Summitt said...

Thanks for commenting Val, love to hear from you always!

I hope you enjoy him, Ann...He was awesome in concert!

JoJo said...

Never heard of him but he sure is cute!

Lexy said...

Great pictures you got in close, glad you had a good time.

val said...

Jenn, there's a swine over on ebay selling ELiza's LOCI caps - and your personal ones from the DVD signing. Drop one of us a line if you want details.

Anonymous said...

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