Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Other LOCI sighting...during "Flipped" shooting

Before "Silencer", Debbie and I went into NYC thinking we were going to see Vince and Katie but we happened to catch a glimpse of Chris Noth. I took this photo, (Debbie is wearing the shades!). She did get to shake his hand but he was just very bland towards her-She introduced herself and explained that she l iked him on the show and all he said was "Hi" and then when I went to shake his hand he just walked away. So, it was cool to see and meet him, because he shares the stage with Vince but that was about it.
The "Memorial" to Fulla-T, people just walking by thought that it was a real "rapper", which we thought was funny, Debbie actually told them it was for a LOCI episode.

The people that are touching the "memorial" pieces are from the LOCI studios, we noticed some from when we saw "Privilege" being filmed.